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'Bubble', 2019

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'BUBBLE' (2019)

Cynthia Postma 

Photogram (Unique Image,  1 of 1)

Gelatin Silver Print

An experimental work exploring photographic processes.

Soap bubbles were blown on to dry, untouched light-sensitive photographic paper

placed on the easel beneath the photo enlarging head lens.

Both the soap bubbles and paper were briefly exposed to light.

Final image was processed/developed/printed by the Artist

in the darkroom using traditional black and white / wet / chemical processes.

Paper:  Ilford MGIV Multigrade RC, glossy-finish.

8" H x 10" W (20.3 cm H x 25.4 cm W)

Signature, title, date verso.


Photogram (camera-less photography); 

phenomenon of the shadow; 

transparent / translucent properties; 

contrast of protection of a bubble yet relatively short longevity (ease of rupture);

concept of residing inside , or outside of the bubble;

flattening of perspective;

dematerialisation; distortion; merging/interpenetration of form(s);

surface tension;

illumination / iridescence;

differential refraction;

structural coloration;

forms and colours interacting with each other constructively / destructively.

Imperfection.  Authenticity.

Image is part of a project  underway - research, exploration, discovery, planning stage.